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GOLDEN DRAGON ADHESIVE -  quality, aesthetics and cost savings adhesive solution for the interior industry

In recent years, the interior industry goes with the growth of Vietnam's economy. Interior goods are no longer luxury products that gradually become necessities in daily life. From home furnishings such as desks, chairs, cabinets, shelves, floor mats, sofa, wooden floors ... to cars… very much focus on furniture goods.

home furnishings such as chairs, tables....
or Sofa...


to cars also focus on funiture goods


For the consumers, how to choose furniture goods which has high aesthetic, good quality, reasonable price is always a big question. For the interior manufacturers, how to bring those values to the customer is always problematic.

However, this is not a problem of only interior industry. Any finished products would like to have high aesthetic, good quality and reasonable cost depends on the production of raw. One of the most important raw materials of interior production process is adhesive that is used connected other materials together. 

Kind of this adhesive which must have a lot of features such as fast dry, do not change with temperature, good adhesion, high durable, easy to use, reasonable cost ... while ensuring quality and aesthetics of the furniture. And these are all features that GOLD DRAGON ADHESVIVE has.

GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE P-66, P-65...are the best choice of interior manufacturer

GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE is a product with outstanding features by a great combination of advanced adhesive production technology from Germany with the best raw materials, production and packaging in Vietnam. From there, GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE was created, a product that have an international quality but acceptable price. Almost all the manufacturers of the interior industry in Vietnam also chose GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE as the optimal solution for the process connects other raw materials together.

Depending on the material, GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE has many different product lines such as P-99, P-66, P-65, P-6ECO, P-60, P-50, P-5S ... to customers easy choice. Customers need many level adhesion and packing, GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE able to meet all demand.

Let using GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE for interior industry to can bring maximize benefit!