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GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE - cost saving solution for manufacturing leather goods

In Vietnam, leather sector remains one of the most industry gives practical effect to the nation's economy. A recent report by the Association of footwear, handbags Vietnam (Lefaso) shows: "In 2013, total export turnover reached $10.3 billion, increased 18% compared to the year 2012. In which, footwear exports reached $8.4 billion and bags exports reached $1.9 billion. Most of export markets are America and Europe ".

Leather industry such as shoes, sandals, purse wallets, handbags, bags, jacket...
is one of most bring GDP to nation's economy


This shows that the demand for leather products are growing richer, the leather products of Vietnam is increasingly enhanced competitive advantage in the international market. One of these advantages is the low labor costs, abundant and skilled human resources. Besides, in the production process, enterprises always maximize abundant and quality raw material sources in Vietnam to use production such as leather, rubber, wood soles, PVC, PE ... Other important reason is adhesive that connect raw material together.

Most businesses operating and manufacturing leather goods in Vietnam are using adhesive to connect raw materials create finished products. So that, request about one kind of adhesive that has durable, reasonable prices, easy to use and high aesthetic is always the needs of manufacturers in leather industry.

Saving cost but ensure quality and aesthetic of leather products is question of many leather manufacturer

Most leather manufacturers in Vietnam also agreed that GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE is the optimal choice for cost, aesthetics, quality and guarantee. GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE with diverse categories such as P-99, P-66, P-65, P-60 ... are result of non-stop scientific research and testing of the AN THAI KHANG Co Ltd

GOLD DRAGON P-66 is top choice of leather manufacturer in Vietnam

GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE is a product with outstanding features by a great combination of advanced adhesive production technology from Germany with the best raw materials, production and packaging in Vietnam. From there, GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE was created, a product that have an international quality but acceptable price.

Currently, GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE is trusted partnership of the many giant leather manufacturers in the world. "GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE really is new hope of leather industry in Vietnam" is comment of Nguyen Duc Thinh - Director of Royal Shoes Company Limited.