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The brand representative of GOLD DAGON ADHESIVE has visited customers

The brand representative of GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE has visited customers
In the morning of 17 October, the brand representative of GOLD DAGON ADHESIVE has visited with customers of the company.
During the visiting, the brand representative of GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE are Miss. Hoang Yen and Miss. Phuong Thao has exchanged information of the product and the business status with customers in Ho Chi Minh City area. They also have listened and recorded the feedback from customers. Through it, Miss. Hoang Yen and Miss. Phuong Thao give the product samples and helmet awards as thank you of company to customers.

Currently, the product of GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE is very strong in the local market. GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE has many product lines and different capacity to help customers can find and select products easy and  suitable for demand such as interior sector: tables, chairs, cabinets, beds ...; leather goods: shoes, sandals, purse wallet, handbag ... construction: mosaic, granite, plastic floor, wood floor, ceramic tiles, aluminum, plastic, ... other categories: insulation, EVA, foam, rubber, PU, saddle, simili…

Comeback to talk about brand representative of GOLD DRAGON ADHESIVE, although the temperature is very hot, but by enthusiasm, Miss Hoang Yen and Miss Phuong Thao always smile to take care customers. Finish visiting, two brand representatives take some photos with customers to creating the long-term relationship of development and cooperation