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GOLD DRAGON P-99 – The No.1 Contact Adhesive in Vietnam market

GOLD DRAGON P-99 is a product with a powerful adhesive ability even with difficult adhesion materials such as carpets, leather, wood, plastic, cork, rubber, tile, granite, speakers, shoes, wood & plastic flooring, lounge chair, sofa... 

GOLD DRAGON P-99 has high durable because of adapt with temperatures change and adapt all changing conditions of the environment. GOLD DRAGON P-99 is always to meet the demanding of the most manufacturers in the many industries such as interior sector: tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, lounge chairs ...; leather goods: shoes, sandals, purse wallets, handbags, bags ...; construction industry: mosaic, plastic floor, wood floor, aluminum, decorative plates...; and many kinds of other industries: PE, alu, hiflex….Moreover, GOLD DRAGON P-99 are also an indispensable item in every household Vietnam.

In particular, cans and barrels of GOLD DRAGON P-99 was designed and used special materials to ensure high quality for adhesive even damaged during use and transport.

Color: Dark yellow

Technical standard


 Shear strengh, Wood – Simili      340 N/m
 Shear strengh, Simili – Simili    1.990 N/m
 Touch curing time 25-40 degrees C      10-15 mins
 Full curing time 25-40 degrees C        24 hours
 Maximum Gap                             0.6mm
 Bonding Strengh                          Extremely strong bond
 Viscosity at 30 degrees C                         7.500 cps

 Dilution solvent                           



-5 degrees C -> 150 degrees C

Advantages: good adhesion, high resilient, fast dry, adapt with temperature changes, easy to use, high economic value, high durable ....

Packing: 0.1 liter, 0.2 liter, 0.6 liter, 3 liter and 15 kg 

Warranty period: 18 months

Direction of use:

Step 1: Ensuring both surfaces are very dry, clean and free from grease, oil, grit…
Step 2: Appling Gold Dragon Adhesive evenly on both surfaces
Step 3: Waiting 15-30 minutes or until the solvent are completely evaporated  
Step 4: Bonding both surfaces together and pressing evenly to ensure completely cured
Step 5: Using T-99 for cleaning and decreasing in viscosity
Step 6: Closing after used


Interior industry: tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, lounge chairs, granite, plywood, carpet, simili ... 
Leather goods: shoes, sandals, purse wallet, handbags, bags ... 
Construction sector: mosaic, plastic floor, wood floor, aluminum, ceramic tiles, aluminum & plastic plates, ... 
Other fields: EVA, rubber, plastic, PE, PU, books,...

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